Circus in politics 

the Nigerian Senate is the location. 

Evan(s) Enwerem forgot the difference between him and a twin that died long ago. 

Chuba Okadigbo would not like to be  impeached so the mace became a pestle in his mother’s village. 

Dino is a master art. He has had as much as viewership as the circus head Saraki. He is  good. Contact Nigerian news for more details. 


Make a post

it is no big deal to make a post.  WordPress posts are no different from Facebook’s. The difference is there’s no stupid pressing question asking what’s on my mind? 

The other is a topic. Not every thought pattern has a theme. It could be chaotic and dizzy dazzy patterns. 

Two things 

The world’s face and politics continuously changes by and by. Elections, topplings and the likes causes these more events and happenings that makes up the intrigues that makes time tick.  

Trump is now a United States president with executive orders to change the face of the world.  Campaign promises that were not taken seriously are not seriously been executed as soon as the administration comes on. Families are affected. Destinies may be restructured or truncated. Some have newer opportunities to improve lives. One man’s loss is another’s gain. The globalization agenda will suffer a backlash but will recover and be redesigned. I’m disappointed I no longer subscribe to the good news magazine of the United church of God. I’m certain they’ll be Trump supporters,  analyzing how God’s Kingdom will come to earth because a divorcee sees the gay in bad light. The most influential country on earth has an unstable or seemingly unstable person for its most influential decisions. Pathetic or daring,  time will tell. 

Nigeria’s president is awol. He is also rumored dead. He’d not talk as he didn’t went he was reported bedridden during his election campaign. As then,  we would only see pictures. The picture as it happened two years ago are again being disputed. Many wish him truly dead. I hope I’m not one of those. His reign has unleashed economic hardship in the land that has resulted in a recession yet the government sees no emergency. Prices have passed the rate of skyrockets. Salaries are not being paid. Job loss is commonplace. Terrible rhetoric are coming from the state house. The president’s only striving in fighting corruption has brought no conviction but only impunity from government. It is like government is fighting financial corruption with political and authority corruption. That authority helped change rulers in Gambia. 

The world is changing. What’s the new form? That question time will answer. 

In His Right Mind 

creepy?  Right!  Yes, it’s so creepy that a man of timbre and calibre would succumb to a debasing state of reasoning and stoop low to his animalistic tendencies to rape. 

What defines a man? His exposure? His education? His religious understanding? His moral standing? His reputation? But his character. 

Character is the sum total of all a man has thought of,  learnt, known and is passing through. 

Olorire omo

I just don’t understand it. I deserve it if it were served out to me.  The slaps.  The beatings. The punishments  – stood down,  kneel down or crawl around. I’m so deserving of the abuses, even curses that may have resulted. For Christ’s sake,  I lost money.  

Precious money. That was mama’s last card. She was hoping to check up the week with it but I misplaced it. Misplaced isn’t really the word. She had sent me on an errand with it. I got to the store, opened up my tight fist to stare at a  empty palm. 

That kinda thing can be seriously painful. You’d wonder what you were doing or thinking to make the money flew away. The memoir never fades away.  Ten years later,  your mind comes searching and worried again. It treks the path you had taken the day the money missed to scan everywhere for what will always be missing. 

The solace? Mama’s smile. You came home with tears that could fill a bottle. You were all sober and dizzy tired. It isn’t really you.  It’s me. She had rehearsed the slaps and beatings. How much she’d shout at you! You’ve wondered if any overzealous neighbour won’t offer to help in the beating spree. The future had foretold in my mind – wrongly. 

She definitely was angry but she wasn’t pissed. The frown melted away suddenly replaced by a smile. “Olorire omo” she said.  And that was it. 

A year 

A year is twelve months. A year is fifty two weeks. On and on,  you could define the year. It may be an interval between a visit and the next. It could be time lapse between two Christmases. The period between two slaughtering of some helpless animal. The year tickles away by events. So does life. 

Fill the year with glorious things. Do that which you can take makes out the time in the year.

  1. Remind yourself what year it is. It is typical to forget. Say to yourself self, it is  2016. You should not forget that. Some things are possible in 2016 that may not be any other year. That’s why you should remind yourself it’s 2016.
  2. What’s special about the year? Something is definitely special about every day. It is the oldest you have ever been, the youngest you’d ever been. That’s something to be excited about. That’s something to be sober for. What’s it about the year that makes it differently different? Is it a once in a lifetime event that is to happen or a life changing move that must be made?
  3. What’s the best way to maximize? That special thing about the year  can change your life every year. How can you ensure that?